Mar 16, 2010

What should been told.

i was born on 3rd november 1992. the youngest of tree sisters. im a person who always keep everything to myself. i expressed my feeling by drawing n writing. sometimes i wonder why everything never according to plan as usual i never question anybody but the book of shadow i wrote, the dark room i whisper every night , the dirty open sky is the not a person who is not good at writting , i just write whats in my mind , what i see , what i experients , what i feel . i just write thats all i do . drawing is all about what i wanted in my life , what i patient about . my drawing had its own meening . the real meaning of life what we all missed . im artistic person . i love things that i know why i love it . i attract to things that antique , unique. im a peace lover . poetry lover , lavender lover , n im a dessert lover . this blog is not my diary its just part of my life that i wanna share with the world.

activist for chocolate and cheese cake rights , loving , artistic , future architect.